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The Flourishing Video Game Industry

The global video game market has transformed into a billion-dollar industry that not only provides a medium of active entertainment to millions of people.

But also provides enough employment opportunities that provide bread and butter to hundreds of thousands of families.

The tattoo industry is an example of a segment linked to gaming that provides employment opportunities to multiple people globally.

Overwatch, A Globally Hit Gaming Title

One such game that has seen a lot of popularity in the past few years is Overwatch. It is loved by players not only in the single-player mode but also as a multiplayer online game.

Thus many esports events and tournaments are organized around the globe in which players compete against each other to stand out as the best and win big rewards.

Overwatch Tattoos

The fame of Overwatch is not, however, limited to only the online market as players and enthusiasts from various countries now love to get themselves several Overwatch tattoos.

That depicts the love carried by them for this game. These tattoos comprise of the various characters featured in the game.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of these tattoos for reference purposes to give the readers a good idea of how people utilize them to illustrate their liking for the game.

Players Like To Be Affiliated With Overwatch

Another reason because of which fans of Overwatch like to get these tattoos is to show their affiliation with this popular gaming title which provides them with an opportunity to get a distinct identity.


The huge fanbase of Blizzard Entertainment which is the developer of Overwatch organizes an annual gaming convention in which fans of different games developed by Blizzard gather to show their love and support. The following images show some of the Overwatch tattoos featured by some of these players at the BlizzCon.

A Few Examples of Overwatch Tattoos

The first image shown below is a tattoo on the arm of an enthusiast that is comparatively simpler in terms of design yet it is highly appealing and a perfect illustration.

That not all Overwatch tattoos need to be highly complicated featuring hundreds of tiny images combined as a single unit, rather such simpler images can also serve the purpose of showing the love and affection carried by players and fans of the game.

However, the tattoo is pretty large and covers the entire arm of its carrier.

Image Source

Overwatch Tattoo With Great Attention To Detail

The second image shown below is, however, completely different from the first one and has several small components that need significant time and attention to create. Such tattoos carry a message for the reader like this one features “Fight Like A Girl”.

Image Source

Sombra Overwatch Tattoo

Here’s an example of an illustrative Overwatch tattoo that depicts one of the in-game female characters that go by the name “Sombra” and is a fictional character. The bright colors and great attention to detail assist in making the tattoo highly attractive to viewers.

Image Source

A Comparatively Simpler Yet Amazing Overwatch Tattoo

Here is an example of another comparatively simpler block like Overwatch tattoo. Although this one, unlike the previous examples, doesn’t need that much time to make, it still carries an amazing color combination that gives it an attractive feeling.

Image Source

Another Sombra Overwatch Tattoo

Individuals interested in getting a full arm tattoo might like the example shown in the image below. Such tattoos feature scattered images that span over the length of the entire arm thereby covering it and giving a colorful feeling to the viewers. This Overwatch tattoo again features the “Sombra” fictional character of the game.

Image Source

An Example Of Captivating Overwatch Tattoos

Here is an example of a colorful and attractive tattoo that features another one of the Overwatch fictional characters. The tattoo contains vibrant and punchy colors which give it an attractive look.

Image Source

The use of bright blue and reddish colors makes the overall tattoo highly captivating and hard to forget.

Overwatch Gritty Tattoo Showing Reaper

Not all tattoos appeal to everyone and especially the tattoos of the grit category are for a selected audience only.

An example of such tattoos is shown in the image below which although features bright colors, the overall content of this tattoo might not attract everyone as the hideous character and the wording are not something that everyone will like.

The tattoo features “Reaper” which is another fictional character of Overwatch.

Image Source

DVA & Genji tattoo

Not all Overwatch tattoos feature huge images that cover the complete arm of the carrier. Some tattoos are small in size like the ones shown in the image below but are still highly attractive and colorful. The punchy colors of these tiny tattoos are the distinctive feature that set them apart from others.

Image Source

Even these smaller and simple looking tattoos need considerable time and effort.

DVA tattoo

Depending upon personal liking, many individuals like tattoos having bright colors that stand out from the crowd. An example of such Overwatch tattoos is shown in the image below.

This type of tattoos is particularly famous among individuals who like to carry a distinct identity of their own as they provide these guys with the ability to be identifiable even from far away.

Image Source

The great attention to detail and craftsmanship that has been put into making this tattoo so attractive is highly commendable.  Professionals possessing this level of competence are rarely found and thus charge large amounts of money.

Another Example Of Smaller Tattoos

As discussed earlier as well, not all tattoos are large, rather some individuals categorically mention that they like smaller tattoos featuring sweet images like the one shown here.

Therefore, based upon the liking of the individuals they can choose from a wide variety of tattoos that vary in size, shape, and form.

Image Source

Tattoo with Dva and Mercy

The first category of tattoos is shown in the below video in which two tattoos having bright colors are presented.  The use of red, blue and yellow colors has made these tattoos especially attractive for viewers. This is an example of the relatively cute tattoos from Overwatch.

Tattoos with Overwatch characters

MccRee tattoo

The next tattoo shows a comparatively serious-looking character. It has been presented by a studio that excels in making such high-quality tattoos. It features brown, yellow and red colors. As a result, it is a great example of attractive tattoos.

  • Hana Song tattoo

The next example is shown in the below image in which a combination of black and white along with its colorful counterpart is shown.

Individuals can choose between them whichever suits them better.

Reaper tattoo by Freak_Zone_David

The below video contains an example of grim tattoos. Such tattoos are not attractive for everyone. However the fans and enthusiasts of this category particularly find such tattoos as highly captivating.  The gray, white and blue color shades present in this tattoo make it a bit scary to look at.

Overwatch Genji tattoo

Animated tattoos like the one shown in the below image are particularly attractive for fans from around the globe. The green and black color of this tattoo makes it unique and easily identifiable for fans of the Overwatch series.

Overwatch Hana Song tattoo

If you are on the hunt for a tattoo that can easily captivate the attention of people, look no further. The example shown in the below image serves the purpose in the best manner. The pink yellow and brown color of this tattoo is very pleasing to the eyes.

Mercy and Genji tattoo

The following video contains an example of a tattoo that is quite big. These tattoos are chosen by individuals that want a single tattoo to cover their complete arm or leg. The colors included in this tattoo include green, red, blue and yellow. This gives it a highly attractive feel.

Tattoo By karqgames

Some tattoos are relatively simple like the one shown here. In this tattoo a simple robot-like character of the gaming title known as Overwatch is present. It features dim colors including light green, orange, red and blue. As a result of this, the tattoo is unable to catch the attention of viewers instantly.

Tattoo By lukehobbs

Certain tattoos cover all sides of the arm, like the one shown in the below video. This tattoo looks like sun rays which means that the overall pattern of the tattoo resembles how the sunrays look. The use of red color in the tattoo makes it easily identifiable from far away.

Tattoo By razergem

Some Overwatch tattoos are pretty scary like the one shown in this video. The clown shaped tattoo with the red and black color give this tattoo a unique identity. This, however, also make it kind of scary which is not everyone appreciates.

Final Verdict

The tattoo industry has seen a huge success lately and the fanbase of games like Overwatch and League of Legends like to show their affiliation with the game of their liking using such tattoos. Therefore, this industry is likely to see further progress in the days to come.

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